If someone asks you to carry a pack for a mile, carry it a second mile.  – Matthew 5:41

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Upcoming Information Sessions

Monday, April 2 at 7pm – Donor Information
Wednesday, April 4 at 3pm – Donor Information
Sunday, April 8 at 11:15am – Donor Information and Project Information

Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church is embarking on the Steps of Faith Second Mile Miracle campaign to fund urgently needed masonry repairs on our beautiful building.

At the Donor Information sessions, we will share strategies for funding the Second Mile Miracle tuck-pointing and restoration work. Please attend ONE of these sessions.

At the Project Information session, Nancy Guy, our Building Committee Chair, and Bryant Holmstrom, Director of Facilities will be presenting information about the additional repair that must be completed for our building. They will be ready to answer your questions and to show you some photos of the damage.


In 2016, Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church embarked on a capital campaign to make repairs and improvements to our beautiful building. We asked you to prayerfully consider your financial gift to support this work. THANK YOU!

We knew from the beginning of this project that the tuck-pointing of the building would be completed in two phases: Phase I focused on the Sanctuary exterior, and Phase II will focus on the wing containing the offices, Carlson Hall, and classrooms. During Phase I, however, we found that additional, unexpected repairs are critically necessary.


The greatest challenge in planning restoration work for a 100+ year-old building is defining, in advance, the full Scope of Work. Until the facade is penetrated and existing conditions are seen, we rely on experts in their field utilizing their industry’s best practices. We commissioned an Envelope Study. On the results of that study, we based our Request for Proposals to seven General Contractors, who in turn consulted the leading restoration contractors in the state—including the consultant who recently completed the restoration of our State Capital building. We based our budget on those results. To cover the costs of “anticipated unknowns,” we built a very generous contingency of 20% into our project budget—double the restoration industry standard amount of 10%.

As work progressed, however, we discovered that the damage caused over 100 years of water infiltration and oxidation is greater than we could have anticipated. We discovered that the metal anchors holding the large stone blocks to the walls and base of the building structure have, over time, rusted away entirely. The stones will eventually fall under their own weight if the anchors are not replaced. We also discovered cracks in the tracery stone of the north window; the needed repair is very complex, requiring new hand-cut stones.

So, why didn’t we know the extent of the damage before we started? We could have commissioned a deeper study or laser scanned the building, but the cost to do so would have far exceeded the benefit, and we would still have to face the same repairs. We chose an industry standard approach. So, we are facing a challenge and as stewards of this facility—a gift given by God and left to us by others—we must face the challenge head-on, knowing we are doing work to last for generations.

  1. Tuck-pointing of Office Wing/Carlson Hall/Art Gallery & Education Building  (originally proposed – unfunded):  $815,012
  2. Sanctuary Base Wall – replace anchors and rebuild:  $318,424
  3. South Wall – replace anchors and rebuild:  $331,644
  4. North Window – remove glass and rebuild with newly cut stone:  $471,963
  5. Additional Office Wing/Carlson Hall/Art Gallery & Education Building – replace anchors rebuild & repair cracks in window stonework:  $167,286
Building Restoration Phase II Total:  $2,104,329

Our plan is meet this challenge with complete faith that God can do this miracle through us as we rise to meet this challenge together.  And, what can you do?

  • Pray. Pray for extravagant generosity.
  • Give a special one-time gift.
  • Extend your Steps of Faith pledge for additional years.
  • Make a new Steps of Faith Second Mile Miracle pledge.

The urgency of completing this project is great. We must address this challenge now to avoid further damage, even greater expense and to ensure we have a safe building.  Although we hope to avoid financing this project because financing costs will impact our operating budget, we may need to finance part of the project in order to complete it as soon as possible.  So, let’s pray and give generously—we can be part of God’s miracle at Hennepin!