Sunday Brunch is not being served currently
due to the covid-19 pandemic

Sundays at Hennepin are delicious... come eat!

Sunday Brunch at Hennepin
(Suggested donation $10/person, $25/family)

Hennepin Avenue UMC serves brunch to 150 people or more every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month). It's a time of food, fellowship, and service to one another–made possible through the work of volunteers. Everyone is invited to the lower level Social Hall to join friends and make new ones as we enjoy brunch together.

Our very own (famous!) Chef Warren Seta plans and prepares the meals, but we need volunteers on Sundays to help! There are many opportunities available on Saturdays and Sundays for individuals and families to assist. The time commitment is about 60-75 minutes. Your help is greatly appreciated for this important hospitality mission!

Every 1st Sunday of the month (free!)
Join us in Carlson Hall every first Sunday of the month for Patisserie Margo's fresh iced cinnamon rolls, coffee, tea and fellowship.
Full Sunday Brunch will NOT be served on first Sundays.

“My first experience with plate lunch, I was probably four or five years old, sitting on the beach with my grandfather. I remember eating beef stew and rice and mac salad, holding that plate that was as big as I was. I remember the beach, the smell, the sound. I try to recreate that; it’s important to me, and to us. The food itself is food, but if we can bring the aloha and what I felt when I was sitting on the beach with my grandfather, that’s where the soul comes from.”CHEF WARREN SETA, ONO HAWAIIAN PLATES