Welcoming & supporting people living in poverty on their path to stability

Free & Open to All:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 
9–11:30 am
425 Groveland Ave, Mpls
(612) 435-1315

To participate,
visit or call us!

The Dignity Center's program is designed to:

• Coach participants in strategies that encourage self-sufficiency
• Help participants see their own potential
• Restore dignity & self-respect
• Respect a participant's autonomy
It must be  a participant's  decision to change their life situation.

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• We greet & welcome you
• We learn & know your name
• We acknowledge your challenges 
• We affirm your successes
• We offer warm hospitality


• Improve your financial management skills
• Establish & prioritize your goals in life
• Determine how much you will need to earn & save to achieve each goal
• Establish how to live within a budget to allow for the savings
• Apply for public assistance
• Manage without having a checking account
• Establish a checking/savings account
• Establish credit

Research shows that
elationship &
a sense of belonging
are both key elements
to achieving &
maintaining stability!
• We coach clients to develop independent living skills, including: interviewing for employment, gaining & maintaining stable housing, developing social skills, learning about self-care & self-advocacy, making & keeping appointments
• We employ active listening, crisis intervention, goal setting, & problem-solving strategies
• We refer participants to community programs to help them achieve their goals
• We encourage participants to follow  their action plan & document their progress
• We expect participants to stay clean & sober