worship services 2021

Palm Sunday Worship:
Hosannas & Hope
March 28 @ 8:30 & 10am

Maundy Thursday Interactive Worship:
on Zoom!
April 1 @ 7pm

Good Friday Tenebrae:
Contemplative Worship
April 2 @ noon & 7pm

Easter Sunday Worship:
Resurrection Celebration–April 4 @ 8:30 & 10am, 4 & 8pm

There are many easy ways to access
the worship service digitally:

1>> On our website     2>> on you-tube    3>> on Facebook
4>> on a mobile device via our app    5> > on the phone

We strongly encourage you to practice using one or more of these in advance of the serviceIf you need help, we invite you to find a friend, family member, or neighbor who can help you get it set up, or you may send an email to hello@haumc.org.

Ways to prepare for online worship

Children's Holy Week Sunday School

Palm Sunday
Sunday School
March 28

Holy Monday
Sunday School
March 29

Holy Tuesday
Sunday School
March 30

Holy Wednesday
Sunday School
March 31

Maundy Thursday
Sunday School
April 1

Good Friday
Sunday School
April 2

Easter Sunday
Sunday School
April 4

To invite your friends and family to Holy Week and Easter Sunday,
please find and share these events on the Facebook page.