There are many ways to be of service.

Sunday morning worship is made possible because 100+ people jump in to greet, usher, pour coffee, teach children, sing in a choir, wash dishes, serve communion and much more.

Our neighborhood, city and world are touched by volunteers who mentor and teach skills, prepare and serve free meals, collect and sell used goods, raise awareness and advocate for social justice and much more. Through works of service with and for others, Hennepin Avenue UMC community members grow in their faith, meet some amazing people and help bring disciples to Jesus Christ.

There are many ways to serve…

From one-time, roll up your sleeves and get something done projects to ongoing teams and groups, there is bound to be a fit for your interests and gifts. Scroll below and get involved!


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Care Ministry

The Care Ministry Team is a group of trained persons who visit Hennepin Avenue UMC members that are unable to attend church. This important group forms relationships that create and sustain an important bridge between those who are homebound and their faith community.

Along with regular visits, this team delivers poinsettias at Christmas and lilies at Easter. They also share Holy Communion. Their compassionate commitment ensures that every Hennepin Avenue UMC member can stay connected to the life of the church.

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Congregational Care Team

This team works to reach out to the Hennepin Avenue UMC congregation to provide compassion, concern and connection in every age and stage of life.

This team focus is our life together, always with an emphasis on John Wesley’s most important question: “How is it with your soul?”

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The Dignity Center

The Dignity Center welcomes and supports people living in poverty on their path to stability.

More than a meal program and more than a resource center, The Dignity Center is a relationship-focused program of accountability, goal-setting, and skill-building. Participants work one-on-one with advocates who provide support around finding employment, overcoming criminal history, receiving health care, and securing housing. Every person who enters The Dignity Center is welcomed at the community table, where social connections and personal attention transform lives.

Volunteers give their time and talents to help run The Dignity Center. Hours of operation are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am to 12pm.


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Knotty Quilters

The Knotty Quilters meet on Wednesday mornings in the Dorcas Alcove to make quilts for service organizations, and teddy bears for baptisms. New members are encouraged to join!

Contributions of fabric, yarn, batting and thread are welcome donations.

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Once a quarter the Young Adult Ministry will host an event for all young adults paired up with a mentor to share an activity and grab some time to hang out.


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Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry group makes shawls for Hennepin members and friends who are facing a serious illness or time of crisis. Scarves and mittens are also made for Dignity Center clients and Community Meals guests.

These needle workers meet at church the first Thursday afternoon of the month for fellowship as they knit. Yarn and patterns are provided.

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The Recyclers

How do you keep a building like Hennepin Avenue UMC from getting overwhelmed by projects? Call The Recyclers!

This group of committed men love repairing and recycling worn and broken stuff and being together. Whether you’ve got workshop experience, enjoy being handy, or just like strong coffee, The Recyclers welcomes you to join them.

The Recyclers meet Wednesdays from 1–3:30pm. 

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Sunday Brunch at Hennepin

Hennepin Avenue UMC serves brunch to 150 people or more every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month). It’s a time of food, fellowship, and service to one another–made possible through the work of volunteers. Everyone is invited to the lower level Social Hall to join friends and make new ones as we enjoy brunch together.

Our very own (famous!) Chef Warren Seta plans and prepares the meals, but we need volunteers on Sundays to help! There are many opportunities available on Saturdays and Sundays for individuals and families to assist. The time commitment is about 60-75 minutes. Your help is greatly appreciated for this important hospitality mission!


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Ushers & Greeters

Ushers and Greeters are integral to the operation of the Sunday worship services.

Ushers: Welcome the congregation to the sanctuary and hand out bulletins; help people with specific and special needs, they receive the congregation’s offering, and clean up the pews between services.

Greeters: Welcome church-goers to the building with a friendly smile and hello, and are available to help direct people wherever they are looking to go.

Please consider volunteering to be an Usher or a Greeter! You are welcome to help once a month, every Sunday, or specifically for holidays and special events.

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