Your generous gifts allow Hennepin Avenue UMC to continue to fulfill our mission

A pledged gift is the best way to allow Hennepin Avenue UMC staff and leadership to budget and fulfill commitments. However, if you choose not to pledge, or would like to make a gift beyond your annual pledge, you may do so by clicking Give Now below. Your generous gifts allow Hennepin Avenue UMC to continue to fulfill our mission of hospitality, outreach, and spiritual renewal. Thank you for your contribution to Hennepin Avenue UMC and our Ministries.

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Offering stewardship is not about church budgets. Rather, stewardship is about God’s mission; stewardship is a way of life. Giving is not an issue of how much money the church needs, but rather what we share to create and sustain lives of faith. We don’t give because we care about how much the church pays for utilities, insurance, or other line items in the budget.

Giving is not about budgets. Giving is about God’s abundance and how we respond with thanksgiving. Unfortunately what happens when people give to budgets, the church soon becomes caretakers of the budget rather than visionaries of the Holy Spirit.

Legacy Giving

With a Legacy Gift, you can help to build Hennepin Avenue UMC’s future. Legacy gift arrangements enable you to blend your financial and estate planning goals with your charitable objectives. A planned gift of any size may have important financial benefits for you, your heirs and Hennepin Avenue UMC. Explore your gift options on our new interactive, branded planning giving website. Give to what has inspired you, deepened your faith and nurtured your family and friendships.

To discuss gift planning options, contact Jack Fistler, Director of Legacy Giving, at 612-435-1321 or If you already have a Legacy Gift in place, please inform us so we may thank you and include you in our Spire Visionaries recognition.

Visit the Legacy Giving Website