August 21 @ 6pm
Sisyphus Brewing

This drop-in group of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church members and friends age 21+ gathers monthly to discuss faith, life, stress, family, and so on with a tasty beverage.

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Pub Theology  |  Est. 2014

Since 2014, Pub Theology has been a strong Young Adult Ministry of Hennepin Avenue UMC.

This drop-in group of Hennepin members and friends 21+ gathers monthly to discuss faith, life, stress, family, and so on with a tasty beverage. It’s an excellent ministry for Millennials, Gen-Xers, Boomers, and the Silent Gen to get together and “talk God”. Bring a friend; new faces are always welcome! Read on to learn about our ground rules, format, locations, sample questions, and our schedule. Pub Theology is organized by Young Adult Ministry Director Rick Belbutoski.

As witnesses of Hennepin Avenue UMC, all participants are expected to drink responsibly and it is the responsibility of each person gathered to hold each other accountable to this expectation, thank you.

What is the Pub Theology format?

Participants tend to arrive in those first few minutes, make an order if they wish, pick up a discussion sheet, and settle in for a good time. We typically kick off with a fun, low-stakes icebreaker question and then move into the Launching Pad. These are discussion questions and statements meant to get the ball rolling. Some questions are lighter in nature, others are as deep as it gets–it all depends on the mood of the group. In the last 10 minutes, we pick next month’s location together.

When does Pub Theology meet?

We meet on the third Wednesdays at 6pm.

What happens if no one shows up?

If no participants have arrived within 30 minutes of start time, the convener will cancel the event.

Where does Pub Theology meet?

The venue varies month to month. We choose the next meeting’s location during the last 10 minutes of the night.

Am I required to buy/consume alcohol at Pub Theology?


What is the United Methodist Church position on alcohol consumption?

Alcoholism and its effects on families and society is serious business and alcohol consumption must be taken just as seriously. From the Social Principles section of our UM Book of Discipline:

“We affirm our long-standing support of abstinence from alcohol as a faithful witness to God’s liberating and redeeming love for persons. We support abstinence from the use of any illegal drugs. Since the use of illegal drugs, as well as illegal and problematic use of alcohol, is a major factor in crime, disease, death, and family dysfunction, we support educational programs as well as other prevention strategies encouraging abstinence from illegal drug use and, with regard to those who choose to consume alcoholic beverages, judicious use with deliberate and intentional restraint, with Scripture as a guide.”

Read more about our Call to Action on Alcohol, our call to keep children and youth free of alcohol and drugs, and the full Social Principles statement.


Here’s a list of sample questions from the last few Pub Theology meetings. How do you respond? What other questions are you led to from here? Take a look…

  • Old Testament = Wrathful, angry God. New Testament = Loving, caring God. Too true or too simplified?
  • Is it better to be a person who is steadfast and unchanging or one who continually adapts and changes? What about God?
  • Do “thoughts and prayers” do any good? What are they for? How do you “do” them?
  • Which matters more to your faith: Christmas or Easter?
  • What is the earliest Bible story you learned?
  • What does church look like at its best? At its worst?
  • Jesus told his followers, “Do not worry about tomorrow, what you will eat or drink.” Is this good advice to give a single parent who is late on rent?
  • Do you judge the judgmental?