THE DIGNITY CENTER IS NOT CLOSED during the covid-19 pandemic
Community is so important and we will continue to provide what we can, for as long as we can, as best as we can.


The mission of The Dignity Center is to welcome and support people living in poverty on their path to stability.

At The Dignity Center, we provide comprehensive long-term support and services for individuals from the Twin Cities who are facing challenges, supporting them while they take concrete steps towards stability.

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This month, we hope you will consider making a gift, so we can continue to support those most vulnerable in our community. All financial contributions to our "Sharing Dignity" Fall Campaign directly support our programs and services.

Your gift allows us to provide participants with the assistance they need to overcome life hurdles, reach their goals, and achieve long-term stability.


We are gearing up for our Fall Fundraiser! This year, we will be hosting a month-long online campaign, sharing personal video stories that highlight the important work we do. Each week, you'll hear from our staff, volunteers, interns, participants, and community partners.

We invite you to support us this Fall by SHARING THE WORD about The Dignity Center by forwarding our emails and postings on social media, and encouraging others to visit our Fall Fundraiser webpage:

When you help publicize our work, we can broaden our reach in the Twin Cities community! We appreciate your help!

We are deeply grateful for the ways that you support our work at The Dignity Center — we couldn’t do what we do without you.

The Impact Your Donation Can Make

$25 Donation

$25 helps fund a variety of things, including volunteer training and food safety licensures. We work with different professionals to provide training for active listening – how to listen to what the participants’ needs and wishes are. This valuable skill helps build trust between the participant and the volunteer.

$50 Donation

A donation of $50 covers the amount for 40 meals! The vast majority of our food is donated or bought discounted through our partnerships with Second Harvest Heartland and Appetite for Change. Our main costs are for labor and ‘to-go’ containers.

$100 Donation

$100 covers costs for a smartphone and a month’s worth of unlimited data! Smartphones are essential now when filing for government benefits, looking for a job, and finding an apartment! Especially during the COVID pandemic phones are necessary with fewer in-person appointments for health care and therapy.

$150 Donation

A bed and delivery to a participant’s home are possible with a $150 donation! Our program graduates (former participants) deliver beds for us. This saves The Dignity Center and the participant money while employing a former participant! Talk about a win-win!

$500 Donation

This amount can provide a refurbished laptop, software, and internet hot spot for participants who are students going back to school, pursuing higher education. Many of our participants want to improve their lives by getting a degree at a local community college.  We help them on their way through this type of service!

$2,000 Donation

$2,000 covers the first month’s rent, including the security deposit. Did you know that the average cost of rent in the Twin Cities is $1,000 a month for a studio apartment currently? Many participants need help getting over the hurdle of paying these first two large payments while their job or other funding kicks in. This gift gets them out of homelessness and into safe, reliable, affordable housing!

The Dignity Center is an interfaith outreach ministry of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

The Dignity Center is...

  • operating with the support of a network of community and faith-based organizations
  • providing direct service ministry with which community partners become involved
  • offering social service and ministry students a place to learn and grow

Join our Support Network today!

The Network supports The Dignity Center...
  • through monthly or annual financial contributions
  • by providing volunteers, and
  • by giving in-kind contributions
Network Churches receive from The Dignity Center...
  • education about the challenges of poverty
  • reports on the progress being made toward ending homelessness, and
  • opportunities for their members to become involved in social justice and outreach ministry

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Show What We Believe!

Put one of these 24×18″ signs in your yard! A free-will offering of $10 is appreciated, but any amount will be accepted. Contact Mary Martin with questions or for pick-up options: 612-871-5303 or 

The Dignity Center 2020 Report

Download and read The Dignity Center 2020 Report

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