There are many ways to serve…

Sunday morning worship is made possible because 100+ people jump in to greet, usher, pour coffee, teach children, sing in a choir, wash dishes, serve communion, and much more. There are even ways to serve virtually from home.

Our neighborhood, city and world are touched by volunteers who mentor and teach skills, prepare and serve free meals, collect and sell used goods, raise awareness and advocate for social justice and much more. Through works of service with and for others, Hennepin Avenue UMC community members grow in their faith, meet some amazing people and help bring disciples to Jesus Christ.

From one-time, roll up your sleeves and get something done projects to ongoing teams and groups, there is bound to be a fit for your interests and gifts.

Take the Spiritual Gifts Assessment, and we will personally connect you to service opportunities! Here’s how…

Please read each statement through twice; answer what first comes to mind in reaction to each statement (ie. don’t “over think” responses). There are 80 questions; the form will take only a few minutes to complete.

Not every statement fits comfortably with the 7–1 scoring; this is by design to generate greater differentiation. All statements reflect a specific reference to the New Testament and the understanding of spiritual gifts in the early church of the first three centuries following the resurrection of Jesus Christ, translated to our modern-day context. Your progress will only be available during this website session. If you lose your connection or close your browser window, your progress will be lost. Thank you for taking the assessment!

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