July is Education Awareness Month!

Help us to supply students around the world and at home with the supplies needed to succeed in school! Hennepin Avenue UMC Outreach Ministries will be supporting UMCOR, Joyce Preschool, MNIC, The Dignity Center, and students in Biawalla, Sierra Leone.

Please drop items off in the collection bins in the East Entry, at:
Hennepin Avenue UMC, 511 Groveland Ave, Minneapolis

Please fill re-closable bags with the following items:
1. Pencils with erasers
2. Pens
3. Packets of 100 to 200 sheets of lined loose-leaf paper
    (wide or college rule)
4. 3-ring notebooks
5. Subject dividers for notebooks
6. Single-subject notebooks
7. File folders
8. Pocket folders
9. Scotch tape
10. Elmers school glue
11. Blunt-tip scissors
12. Rulers (with centimeter markings included)
13. Staplers
14. Post-it notes
15. Handheld pencil sharpeners
16. Drawing-quality paper
17. Boxes of 24 crayons
18. Erasers
19. Paper towels
20. Play-Doh
21. Watercolor paints
22. Dry-erase markers
23. Markers (ie. Crayola watercolor or washable ink)
24. Stickers
25. Dixie cups (5 oz)
26. Paper cups (8-12 oz)
27. Paper plates
28. Kleenex
29. Backpacks
30. Assignment calendars
Thank you!