Ann Carlson and Joan Jemison Return from Baiwalla!

Reverend Judith Banya, a middle aged African Woman in beautiful local dress is surrounded by the students and teachers standing outside of the school she helped create.

Ann Carlson and Joan Jemison just returned from their sojourn to Baiwalla, Sierra Leone, one of the many outreach programs that HAUMC supports and one of our long-standing commitments to make real change in the world! The Richard Ormsby School is the brainchild of one of the most dynamic visionaries Rev. Judith Banya, who has persevered to give rural youth, particularly girls, the opportunities she received through her education. HAUMC folks have supported children’s school fees and lunches for 6 years at the Ormsby School in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. This generous support has enabled 475 students to attend school and have a hot lunch every day. It is a remarkable story of resilience and hope; what we do has global implications for the future.

Real-world impacts: Let’s talk about cause and effect.

The youth makes up 1/3 of the entire population of Sierra Leone.
In 2020, more than 40 percent of Sierra Leoneans were younger than 15, and more than half were younger than 20, while 60% are less than 25 years of age.

  • The country is positioned in a region that is emerging from civil war, and double pandemics. The stability here will have a large impact on pan-African politics.
  • Africa will continue to gain traction on the world stage as more countries emerge from the trauma of the colonial period into post-colonial independence- either towards more stability or increased chaos.
  • The Sierra Leoneans have voted in their elections, consistently, for education and productivity

Richard Ormsby School
100% of Elementary students passed the exam for the last 3 years
100% of the secondary students have passed the exam for the last 2 years
I leave it to you to do the math 🙂

This year we will celebrate the very first graduating class of the Ormsby School in Baiwalla Sierra Leone! 17 students will graduate in June 2024.

First Graduating Class of the Richard Orsmby School, Baiwalla, Sierra Leone, 2024. Video courtesy Ann Carlson.

The missioners from HAUMC and Good Samaritan UMC brought a variety of sporting equipment to the Ormsby School. Jump ropes, frisbees, softballs, soccer and volleyballs, and a parachute; The students were delighted with the new options for physical education!

New Sports Equipment from the MNUMC tested by Ormsby School Students, March 2024. Video courtesy Ann Carlson.

Joan Jemison, HAUMC member and retired music teacher was a hit with the Baiwalla teachers and students with her energetic, participatory songs! Besides sharing her amazing energy and gift of music, she supported setting up a lending library.

Joan Jemison Singing with Orsby School students, March 2024. Video courtesy Ann Carlson.