Baiwalla School Sponsorship 2023: A Mind is an Awful Thing to Waste

Real-world impacts: Let’s talk about cause and effect. The youth makes up 1/3 of the entire population of Sierra Leone.

In 2020, more than 40 percent of Sierra Leoneans were younger than 15, and more than half were younger than 20, while 60% are less the 25 years of age.

The country is positioned in a region that is emerging from civil war, and double pandemics. The stability here will have a large impact on pan-African politics.

Africa will continue to gain traction on the world stage as more countries emerge from the trauma of the colonial period into post-colonial independence- either towards more stability or increased chaos.

The Sierra Leoneans have voted for education and productivity.

Ormsby School

100% of Elementary students passed the exam for the 3 years

100% of the secondary students have passed the exam for the last 2 years.

I leave it to you to do the math!

HAUMC folks have supported children’s school fees and lunches for 5 years for the Ormsby School in Baiwalla, Sierra Leone. This generous support has enabled 475 students to attend school and have a hot lunch every day. Come and hear the latest updates about this amazing school built and funded by Minnesota Methodists in partnership with Rev. Judith Banya.

It is a remarkable story of resilience and hope and what we do has global implications.

What you can do:

• Renew your student sponsorships and/or food support. Annual school fees are $310 per student. Food for a year for a student is $150.

• Increase the number of students you are sponsoring.

• Make your sponsorship sustain by having it automatically renewed each year via the OC Ministries website (

How to Pay:

1. Pay by credit card online: Go online: and click on the DONATE button. Scroll down to “Sierra Leone School Child Sponsorship” and make a donation to support Richard Ormsby School student school fees or lunches.

2. Pay by check: Send a check made out to Minnesota Annual Conference. Put in the memo line: Richard Ormsby Child sponsorship and/or food. Send to Minnesota Annual Conference, Rm. 400 122 W. Franklin Ave. Minneapolis, Mn. 55404

Please consider making your donation a recurring donation to ensure continued support!

Thanks to your generous financial support, the Richard Ormsby School is providing an excellent education to 475 students!