The Dignity Center is an interfaith outreach ministry of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

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Caring for the poor & homeless is a formidable task, but we believe that collaboration is crucial to realistically making a difference.

So the Dignity Center offers an opportunity for faith communities to become involved. Today there are fifteen faith-based organizations collaborating with the Dignity Center–Congregational, Lutheran, Presbyterian, United Methodist, and Unitarian. They are all concerned with the well-being of persons on the margins of society in the Twin Cities and support the Dignity Center in a variety of ways.

The Dignity Center Network in Action

The Dignity Center Network Supports the Dignity Center through

• monthly or annual financial contributions
• providing volunteers
• giving in-kind contributions (such as Dignity Fresh! sandwiches, toiletries & backpacks)

Benefits from being a Dignity Center Network Member:
  • Direct involvement in practical ministry to the homeless population in the Metro area
  • Opportunities for congregation members to get involved in social justice ministry
  • Opportunity for congregation members to volunteer in the Dignity Center
The Dignity Center offers its Network:
  • Regular informative articles, stories, blogs & reports
  • Education forums at the congregation site on homelessness and poverty in the Twin Cities
  • Special children & youth simulation activity on Homelessness
  • Tour or Mission Trip Opportunities

Develop a Network Relationship

On any given night in Minnesota, approximately 14,000 persons are homeless. You can help those persons facing poverty and homelessness in the Twin Cities by joining The Dignity Center Network, and make a real difference in their lives:

  • Arrange to visit the Dignity Center
  • Host a meeting of Dignity Center representatives and your congregation leaders
  • Promote Network opportunities within your faith community
  • Get involved—you’ll be glad you did

What You Can Do Now!

Dignity Fresh!

Commit to providing 200 sandwiches 2 times a year.
Email for more information or call 612-435-1337.

download sandwich-making instructions