Welcoming & supporting people on their path to stability

The Dignity Center is an interfaith outreach ministry of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church

The mission of The Dignity Center is to welcome and support people dealing with financial and housing insecurity on their path to stability. Through a committed team of trained volunteers, The Dignity Center works one-on-one with people to build relationships, helps them to set goals toward greater self-sufficiency and stability, and develops and implements a plan to reach those goals.

Our name says it all, and when one walks through our doors they are welcomed with dignity and respect. Hospitality is at the heart of everything we do at The Dignity Center.

The Dignity Center is here to walk with you on your path to stability.

You can expect to meet with one of our advocates, who will first listen and ask a number of pertinent questions to better understand your situation and current concerns.

Your advocate will then work with you to determine what goals you want set to help you achieve greater stability in your life. These goals may have to do with housing, employment, education, physical or mental health, substance abuse, or other matters, but they are YOUR goals. The step-by-step plan you will develop to achieve them is for tailored to you.

It is about the steps that you will take to gain self-sufficiency.

The Dignity Center could use your help!

We are in need of these food items to provide healthy snacks for our participants in their takeaway meals. Bring donations to the reception desk in Hennepin Avenue UMC anytime the building is open. We recommend purchasing at Costco if possible. Click here to sign-up to provide food donations and reach out to Executive Director Rev. Margaret Kelly at with any questions!


Any of these items can be bought in bulk and donated at any time.

  • Nature’s Gate granola bars
  • Snack size variety of chips
  • Bottled water
  • Swiss Miss hot chocolate single serving packets
  • Cookies


Make sure you sign-up for a specific week to provide perishables so there is no waste.

  • Apples
  • Clementines (Cuties)

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The Dignity Center
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