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  • Wash your laundry in cold water for shorter amounts of time
  • Air dry your laundry
  • Replace incandescent & fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs
  • Switch to energy efficient appliances
  • Turn off the lights when not in use and use as much natural light as you can
  • Use power strips for electronics to power off completely when not in use
  • Use the battery saver function on your phone & computer
  • Use a programmable thermostat that lowers or raises the temperature when you’re not home
  • Bundle up before you turn up the heat
  • Pledge that your next vehicle will be a hybrid or electric vehicle
  • Check your car’s tire pressure
  • Calculate your carbon footprint
  • Walk or bike instead of driving
  • Carpool
  • Use mass transit
  • Telecommute
  • Reuse whenever you can
  • Buy in store to cut down on packaging instead of online
  • Dispose of expired medicine properly, don’t flush down toliet:
  • Wrap your gifts in a reusable bags instead of wrapping paper
  • Invest in a reusable water bottle
  • Bring your reusable mugs to Hennepin Coffee Fellowship
  • Recycle all paper products
  • Instead of purchasing a new book, check out your local library
  • Try composting at home
  • Pick up the trash in your neighborhood
  • Bring a reusable container for leftovers to a restaurant
  • Donate and thrift clothing, furniture, household items
  • Invest in better quality clothing that will last longer from environmentally conscious brands
Advocacy & Education
  • Learn your local recycling rules
  • Explore local environmental initiatives
  • Watch a documentary on Environmental Justice
  • Read a book about Creation Care
  • Donate to an environmental organization
  • Get out and vote!
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Endorse climate science
  • Talk about the climate crisis with friends and relatives
  • Contact your local, state, and federal representatives
  • Support elected officials who have committed to enact climate action policies
  • #OptOutdoors this Black Friday
  • Make your New Year’s resolutions Green
  • Join the Hennepin Green Team!
  • Do your dishes only when the dishwasher is full
  • Take shorter showers
  • Wait until the laundry basket is full to wash
  • Calculate your water footprint:
  • Collect rainwater for watering gardens & indoor plants
  • Turn the faucet off  while brushing your teeth
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Use a low flow shower head
  • Install a low flush toilet
  • Stop buying bottled water
  • Start a community garden​
  • Eat those leftovers
  • Purchase the “ugly” food at your grocery store
  • Eat less meat and more produce
  • Grow your own vegetables
  • Buy ingredients from local farmers
  • Purchase “Fair-Trade” items
  • Try cooking one-pot meals
  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery
  • Use green cleaning products
  • Buy a plant for your house
  • Subscribe to a solar garden
  • Gift experiences instead of things