Hennepin Church Sends off 2 people in March for a Mission Trip to Baiwalla, Sierra Leone

Written by Ann J Carlson

Did you know that a team of 4 people are going on a Mission Trip to Baiwalla, leaving on March 11? Joan Jemison and Ann Carson will be representing Hennepin Church and Joann Knutson and Pat Deckas-Becerra will be representing Good Samaritan UMC. Their purpose is threefold: One, to help organize the school library and turn it into a circulating library for expanded community literacy. The second is to bring and demonstrate using active learning materials in the school. The third is to provide materials for setting up the sewing part of the Home Economics lab.

Janelle Vaubel, through the the Knotty Quilters, organized a drive to collect basic sewing supplies including sewing equipment ( eg. Scissors, measuring tapes, pins, needles and thread) and large pieces of fabric for the students to make garments or other sewed projects. Three boxes of sewing supplies were collected and will be taken to Baiwalla. Thanks to all those who donated!!!

Knotty Quilters working on a new quilt in the Dorcas Alcove in the Koinonia Hall