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If you notice something in need of cleaning or repair, please use the online service below to submit your maintenance service request today. This is the most-efficient method of communicating these needs to the Facilities Management Team and your help is appreciated. Thank you.

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recent facilities upgrades

Several significant projects have been underway at Hennepin for several months (watch the highlight reel videos below)

These critical church upgrades are funded through the Trustee Endowment Funds. These restricted funds–dedicated to the upkeep and maintenance of our beautiful edifice and grounds–were established years ago through the generosity of living and now passed congregants to ensure the edifice called Hennepin Church, bequeathed to us by our forebearers, is maintained in excellent condition in perpetuity.
To learn more about legacy giving, click here > > > haumc.org/give

crane day: New rooftop
air-handling unit was installed

Since November of 2019, the church has been working on the design, engineering, and now the installation of an upgraded air handling system to enhance the air quality within the sanctuary, which will maintain a consistently comfortable temperature and efficient airflow.
Stratification fans, new ductwork, and a new air-handling rooftop unit were set in place on the roof to replace the 35-year old rusting hulk of the old air-handling unit. Next, ionization units will be installed in the new sanctuary air handler and those air handlers serving other areas of the church.
These new ionization units are designed to destroy bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, MERS, and SARS, a variety of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone, CO2, and even odors in the actual space, which will provide a high degree of respiratory protection
These units have been installed in the Walker Art Gallery, US Bank Stadium, and numerous school districts throughout the metro.
The church is striving to ensure the best air quality possible for the protection of our congregation and visitors.


Besides a major upgrade of the building’s HVAC system and the installation of ionization units in the air handlers, we have also enhanced the security of our church, congregants, staff, and visitors through the replacement of our failing analog surveillance camera system with a complement of new digital cameras, a controller, and a monitor.
In addition, new LED lights are replacing the old and failing sodium halide lights that illumine our lantern and steeple.
Enjoy the beautiful rooftop view!


facilities management team

Theresa Dunbar

John Meskill
Sr. Maintenance Technician

Devon Williamson
Maintenance Technician