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There are many quick & easy-to-find online training resources
available for Realm users.

Video Resources

General Overview (2 min.)

Watch a high-level summary of what you can do in the Realm Connect app.

General Overview (1 min.)

Watch an even higher-level summary of what you can do in the Realm Connect app.


See how easy it is to get more involved in the events at Hennepin Avenue UMC.


Learn how you can share life’s moments and connect throughout the week with people in your Groups.


Learn how you can stay connected to what’s happening across your entire church by using the Realm Connect app.


Review a simple way you can get started in the Realm Connect app.


Introducing a new way to use the Realm Connect app as your church directory.


Learn how your giving is literally in your own hands.

Giving from your Profile

Learn how easy and quick it is to give from your profile in the Realm Connect app.


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