Welcoming our New Members!

On Sunday, March 10 we welcomed six new members: Julia Wiggen (yes, related to Cooper Wiggen, in fact, his daughter!), Candace Kirkedahlen, David Duvlea, Michael Anderson, Karim Omar, and Dan Netter! For Karim, it was also his baptism into Christianity! We are so happy to have all these new members infusing our community with their energy and perspectives that will broaden and deepen our community’s depth. We are excited to be their chosen faith community, to support their spiritual growth, and to share in their joys and sorrows together – as a community should!

Each of our new members found their way to us through their own spiritual journeys. Some were brought in by family, spouses, or loved ones who are already members. Some found their way here on their own by being open to the possibilities and growth that becoming a member of a faith community, this faith community, can bring. In fact, one of our new members was drawn to the welcome sign and just walked in! Met with welcome and openness they decided to become a member. Another said prioritizing the act of loving one’s neighbors over dogma was a big factor, but all mentioned community, kindness and actively contributing to the wellbeing of the whole community.

Be sure to say “hi!”