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Pray for LGBTQIA+ and all who support them. The decisions of GC 2019 are very painful. Stay connected to listen to grief, anger and support each other by sharing stories.

Keep on praying for the United Methodist Church and all of our congregations across the globe. Our mission and ministry need to remain strong. Yes, we are angry and yet ministry needs to continue.

Work to improve communication to build bridges.

Progressives, centrists, and traditionalists will have to keep talking to find a better way forward for everyone. Treat people who have a different view as if you are talking with Jesus because all people are people of sacred worth. Treat people the way you want to be treated. We may not end up together in the same denomination when all the dust settles but we have a wonderful history of working with ecumenical partnerships that can be strong even when we don't agree on doctrinal issues and we have a future together even if we split into new movements or denominations.

Don't hesitate to call your district superintendent or pastor.

They will not have all the answers, but they will listen and support you in the wondering, worrying and praying for what is next.

Stay engaged in your local congregation.

Keep supporting your church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Congregations feel stress around the GC decisions and adding financial worries and stress will not help. Continue to make financial contributions to your local church. Ministry still needs to happen.

LeaderWise will be offering process/support groups (4-5 people in each group) for clergy

at Hennepin Avenue UMC 511 Groveland Avenue Minneapolis at various times and at LeaderWise in New Brighton. For more information and registration, or Call 651-636-5120 to register. $30.00 per session. Support your pastor and encourage them to sign up.