Meet Lynne Carroll
Director of Children & Family Ministries

Children of all ages are welcome at Hennepin!


Offering a multi-faceted ministry for children and families at Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church, children ages newborn through grade 7 are welcome to join Nursery and Sunday School programming, and kids in grades 6 & 7 for Club 67. Older kids grades 8–12 have special youth programming, as well (please visit the Youth page of our website for more details).

You’re encouraged to join Director Lynne Carroll and other adult leaders for a variety of ministries, events, and ways to serve your neighbor in the name of Jesus Christ. Read on to learn about Nursery, Sunday School, camps and local field trips, Parenting for LYFE (family programming), service projects, and special events.

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Hennepin Kids for LYFE
Events & Activities

summer 2020

We are raising funds through book purchases. All proceeds will be donated to a Twin Cities area school in need. If you know of a school, please send your suggestion to:
During the Virtual Book Fair, Hennepin will earn 30% of all sales. After the Book Fair, you can still shop online, and we will earn 15% of sales. Best of all, books are shipped directly to your home! There are more than 200,000 books available from baby books to young adult books. So shop away!

Fall 2020

Every year it is a privilege to partner with the United Methodist Women to present Bibles to our 3-year-olds and our 3rd graders. Although our celebration will look different this year, we are still excited to share this milestone event with our families! If you have a 3-year-old or a 3rd grader, please contact Lynne Carroll by Wednesday, 9/9 for all of the details. We plan to pre-record our celebration on Saturday, 9/19 and include it in worship on Sunday, 10/11.
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MARCH 2021
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APRIL 2021
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MAY 2021
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Compassion Camp 2020 is Here!

If you would like a VBS supply kit, or to sign up a friend who wants to join you for virtual VBS, please email Lynne:

Camp Session 1: Compassion helps us see
and welcome
When we gather together at the table, we accept each other in the same way God accepts us.
Watch VBS Session 1
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Camp Session 2: Compassion
helps us be

To be brave is letting God help us see and reach out to our neighbor.  When we do this, we experience the miracle of God’s power to restore and make our community whole.

Watch VBS Session 2
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Camp Session 3: Compassion helps
us practice

Self-care means showing gentleness and kindness to ourselves in heart, soul, mind, and strength.  When we honor ourselves, we experience how God sees and loves us.

Watch VBS Session 3
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Camp Session 4: Compassion helps us be present with each other.

When we follow God’s Spirit, and are open to the people we encounter along the way, they can experience God’s Spirit through our care.

Watch VBS Session 4
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Camp Session 5: Compassion
gives us
a fresh start

Rest, sabbath, fresh starts, and taking care of one another are all important forms of compassion and justice.

Watch VBS Session 5
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This Week’s Online Sunday School

9/20 online sunday school video

online sunday school video

9/20/20 You-Tube Video
(God Invites Abram & Sarai)

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9/20 Sunday School Resources

Sunday School Resources

Download the "God Invites Us" activity packet!

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Free Family Ministry Resources

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Illustrated Ministry's FREE Resources: Weekly faith-formation resources for all ages!

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Due to COVID-19, all weekly Sunday events are being held virtually. We will resume the following programming when it is safe to meet in-person again.

Sunday Mornings at Hennepin

Children are welcome in all of our worship services.

Worship bags containing child-friendly activities, and baskets of children’s books, are available at all sanctuary entrances. Children are also welcome in the Nursery or Sunday School.


Wee Ones
Ages: Infant to 24 months

Education Wing
Room 101

Wee Ones are welcome in nursery care, where loving volunteers will care for your child while you worship.

Nursery 2’s & 3’s
Ages: Toddlers

Education Wing
Room 103

Toddler nursery includes a mix of storytime, music, and free play to help prepare for preschool Sunday School.

Sunday School

Ages: 3 to 13

Education Wing

Following “Time with Children” in the Traditional Worship Service, kids ages 3 to 13 are invited to join teachers for Sunday School programming.

Events & Activities

Due to COVID-19, all weekly Sunday events are being held virtually. We will resume the following programming when it is safe to meet in-person again.

Parenting for LYFE

ROOM 106 @11:30am–12:45pm

Parenting for LYFE is an open, drop-in group that meets monthly to discuss all things parenting. We welcome parents with children of all ages. Our childcare helpers will have engaging activities for little ones while parents have a chance to discuss a parenting topic of the day.

Preschool Music and Movement (during Parenting for LYFE)

ROOM 105 @ 11:30am-12:45pm

Preschool Music and Movement is the partner program to Parenting for LYFE. Designed for ages 3-6 years, Patricia Rice and our music leaders will engage preschoolers in early music-making through singing, music, instruments, and play. Sign your child in on the clipboard outside of room 105 before or after worship. Our preschool leaders will serve them a healthy snack before class while parents enjoy our engaging Parenting for LYFE topic of the day. Childcare is provided for all other ages, too!

Hennepin Kids for LYFE
2019 Summer Camps

Vacation Bible Camp 2019 in Review

Summer 2019
in Review

Earth Camp 2019
in Review