Teenagers in grades 8-12 have a multi-faceted ministry in Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. You’re encouraged to join Youth Director Rick Belbutoski and other adult leaders for a variety of ministries, events, and ways to serve your neighbor in the name of Jesus Christ. Read on to learn about Confirmation, Youth Fellowship, Bread Break meal, and Journey choir rehearsal, plus field trips, service projects, and special events.

Meet Rick Belbutoski
Our new Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries

Mark your calendar today & Invite your friends to join us!

NOVEMBER 10: Murder Mystery Party
DECEMBER 15: Youth Christmas Party


Our November “Second Sunday” event is going to be a Murder Mystery Party! We’ll meet from 5-6pm in the Church of Youth Room. Come take part in the fun. We hope you’ll plan to come use your imagination and share in the experience.

Details for Sunday: In the hard crime town of Cromwell, Illinois, The Badgers are the biggest crime name in the city. With connections spreading from politicians to publicists, everyone involved is anxious: The Boss Sonny Johns is gathering everyone to pass on the position. When you get the biggest names in Cromwell, something is bound to happen. But did anyone guess… MURDER?!

Dress Wanted: Something vague 1920s, or casual formal. Example: Suits, suspenders, dresses that you are comfortable in. THERE MIGHT BE COSTUME PIECES YOU’LL GET AT THE PARTY.
All students entering grade 8–12 are encouraged to participate and bring friends! Contact Rick Belbutoski, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries, with questions: rick@haumc.org.

Sunday Morning Small Group

Sundays 10–11 AM | Church of Youth Room
8th–12th Graders

This is a group for youth who are interested in gathering together on Sunday mornings during the 10am Traditional Worship Service. The first thing we need to do together is to decide what we’re going to call our group!


Sundays 9–9:45 AM | Church of Youth Room
8th–9th Graders

Eighth and ninth graders taking part in the confirmation program will meet on Sunday mornings from 9-9:45 in the Church of Youth Room. Confirmation will take place every Sunday morning with the exception of the first Sunday of each month.

Our mission is to help youth feel and share the love of Christ in order to confirm the vows taken at their baptism and become full members of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church. Teens will learn something new about Jesus, themselves, and have fun and deepen friendships along the way as we explore ways to tie together faith and everyday life.

In Year A, we focus on The Word, becoming more comfortable, knowledgeable, and practiced with the Bible as a way to get to know God and ourselves. In Year B, we focus on The Church, becoming more comfortable, knowledgeable, and practiced with being a member of the United Methodist Church.

Families who want to be part of Confirmation this year should please contact Youth Director Rick Belbutoski.

UMYF Youth Fellowship

Sundays 5–8 PM | Church of Youth
8th–12th Graders

On many first and fifth Sundays, we serve at Community Meals

Second Sundays 5–6 PM

Second Sunday ” is all about fun and games. Every month, we dedicate Second Sunday to providing our youth group time to get away from the weekly stresses and just have fun.

All Other Sundays 5–6 PM

Large-group activities (art, videos, games, service, etc.) and LYFE Group-style small group check-in. Youth Group runs from 5–6pm every Sunday in the Church of Youth Room.

6–6:30 PM
Bread Break

We break bread together with a meal, $2 each. Families sign up to bring a meal at SignUpGenius.com.

6:30–7:30 PM
Journey Rehearsal | Choir Room

Directed by Rev. Stephanie Escher, new voices are always welcome!

Journey Choir

Sundays 6:30–7:30 PM | Choir Room
8th-12th Graders

Journey sings a wide variety of music and offers the gift of its music in worship and in special concerts. The choir is always open to new voices.

Contact Mark Squire, Director of Music and Fine Arts, to get involved.

Special Events

Various Dates  |  Various Locations
8th–12th Graders

• Lock-ins (Timeframes Vary)
• Murder Mystery Party (November)
• Christmas Party (Mid December)
• Ski Trip (President’s Day Weekend)
• Confirmation Retreat (March)
• LYFE Camp (Summer)